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Acog Quick Release Mount

This quick release Mount is for the reflex lens and the it allows for free-floating Mount of the reflex lens on a standard ambi lens, the quick release Mount is likewise accepts cummings or reflex lenses.

Cheap Acog Quick Release Mount

The american defense mfg, picatinny fits quick release medium height is an unequaled addition to your firearms inventory. This Mount allows you to Mount your to the lip of a tree, rock, or other smooth surface, the available are only for use with picatinny-mounts. The quick release Mount is a beneficial alternative to keep your rifle ready to shoot, this Mount includes three hard coat elements that make it effortless to take your rifle to the next level. The Mount also extends a rear aperture that allows you to customize your rifle to your needs, this american defense base Mount fit large picatinny quick release black durable is terrific for holding firearms close to your body. It is produced from durable material that will not fade or lose its function to use, this Mount also includes a built-in red light to help you see what you are holding in the dark. The Mount is again modular, so you can add any other firearms you may need to your purchase, this short quick release Mount is a valuable alternative to keep your rifle in top-of-the-heap condition when you need to go on the move. This Mount includes an eyepiece and short quick release, making it basic to get your rifle back on the battlefield.