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Fox Quick Release Axle

The Fox quick release Axle skewers are perfect for fsc-certified bike shops and any other where a quick release for the fork was important, this Axle skewers are made from 110 x20 mm tube and have a speed of 4 mph. They are also equipped with a quick release handle and are easy to keep clean.

Fox Quick Release Axle Walmart

The Fox quick release Axle is a great option for those looking for an affordable and quick release axle, this Axle is made from durable materials and comes with an 15 mm x 100 mm curse. It can be used for a variety of racing and high-speed applications, the Fox quick release Axle is a fastening system for the front fork of a bike. By using a star-shaped tube shaft, it can be aimed and through the use of an Axle speed quick release the tube skewers are then used to boost the front fork off the ground with ease, this quick release Axle has an 100 x20 mm tube shaft and a quick release Axle gear. The tube shaft is technology allows for a skewering of the front fork 40 with a single effort, the Axle is bundled with a fastening system for easy mounting. This Fox quick release Axle is an 220 mm x 100 mm, it is a kit content and you can buy it without test drive. It is a good choice for those who want to buy this bike in a short time.