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Krontec Quick Release

This quick release steering wheel boss is for the 22 electrical connection that allows for effortless access to your electrical components and devices, the keyhole design means that it can be expressed as a part that into the wheel well of your vehicle. The qr-03-22 p is the qr-03-22 p that is used in conjunction with the quick release system to release the wheel from the car, this release system is designed to keep the wheel in place while you are driving.

Krontec Quick Release Amazon

The qr-03 steering wheel hub adapter is a high-quality and uncomplicated to adapter for the porsche cayman, this adapter makes it basic to get your car's steering wheel back in front of you, with no more than a quick release. The hub adapter basic to handle and requires no tools to get up and running, the quick release steering wheel boss is an electrical connection that allows the use electrical connections in a car. This boss can be used to connect other devices such as phone and power adapters, the boss also fastens to the sides of the car using screws or rivets. This adapter includes a steering wheel hub and is available in black or gray, this adapter is for the porsche quick release wheel hub. It allows the use of standard wheel hub adapters in a similar manner as the wheel hub adapters, the hub adapter requires no removal of the wheel and hub from the car; it can be removed just like any other part of the car.