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Miller Quick Release Plate

This adapter Plate is for the Miller quick release Plate which allows for free movement on their tripods without plate.

Cheap Miller Quick Release Plate

This Miller quick release Plate for compass 20 head 1208 is for the euro camera and makes removal and installation easy, it has a low-profile design that makes it smaller and more manageable for smaller camera bodies. The Plate also has Plate screws for extra-tightening and a self-contained plastic frame, the Plate has a detachment hole for easy installation and removal. This quick release Plate is made for the Miller rig, it has an 3, 25" clamps that fit perfectly over the top of the Plate and keep it in place. This Plate is perfect for keeping your camera safe and secure, this Miller 1204 sliding camera Plate for and compass 121523 fluid head is for the camera on the front of the car that lets you watch your car while you're driving. This Plate helps keep your camera safe and sound while you're driving, this Miller quick release Plate for the includes a camera for protection and increase in production. This Plate allows the camera to move and take pictures that can identify and protect the camera.