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Quick Release Breech Plug

The quick release Breech Plug is an essential piece of hardware for any optima rifle, it provides superior retention and accuracy when shooting out of the ordinary trees and travelers. The Plug is conjointly includes an included case.

Top 10 Quick Release Breech Plug

This quick release Breech Plug is designed to allow basic removal of the Breech Plug from optima rifles, it is in like manner designed to reduce the amount of hassle that is required to remove the Plug from the rifle. This quick release Breech Plug is designed to allow the optima rifle to be locked in place while it is being used, the Plug is produced from durable plastic and accepts various types of brackets and screws to allow for a quick and straightforward placement of the Plug in the rifle. The Plug is further reversible, with either design allowing the rifle to be released from the Plug for cleaning or operating the rifle, this is a quick release Breech Plug for the camera. It consists of a metal frame with a plastic security chain that connects to the camera's security frame, the chain holds the camera together while the the security chain to the camera's frame. The the security chain and the frame to the camera's plastic stockings, the the stockings to the frame, with a release button and finally the the security chain and the frame to the release button. This type Plug is d-ring style and offers a d-ring around the top, the Plug is then quickly retrieve from the key chain by pulling the d-ring out.