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Vortex Pro Gt Quick Release Plate

The vortex optics pro gt quick release plate is designed to help keep your tripod in place while you take pictures or video. The plate has a extra quick release plate that is hinged system that makes it easy to remove your tripod when you need to. Additionally, the plate has 2 bino mounts for easy placement in your photographed area.

Vortex High Country Quick Release Plate

There are a few things you can do in order to protect yourself from the outlets in the high country. One way to do this is to use a vortex high country quick release plate. This plate is designed to protect the bottom of your vehicle fromgarbage. Another way to protect yourself is to use a key ring or necklaces that are withstood the weight of the vehicle.

Vortex Quick Release Plate

The vortex quick release plate is designed to relieve the hassles of getting the drone to and from your camera in a hurry. The plate provides a secure fit, and helps keep your drone stable andkept in for the shoot. It's also essential for keeping the drone clean and free of dust. The plate also helps prevent the drone from rotatein0s the direction you need it to go. The quick release plate comes in black or red, and is backed by a 1 year warranty. the vortex tripod quick release plate is designed to allow the pro gt to be held on to210mm focus with only a few quick release plate screws. The quick release plate is also designed to allow the use of other tripods with extra quick release plates. This allows the user to easily attach/attach other tripods to the pro gt without needing to remove the quick release plates. The quick release plates are also designed to easily accept any of the latest's bino mounts. the vortex quick-release plate is designed to allow the pro gt to be used with quick-release mounts. The plate provides an easy way to remove the pro gt from the camera while keeping it in place. This plate is also free of any sharp edges that could create scratches or other defects. the vortex optics pro gt tripod with extra quick release plate and 2 bino mounts is a great choice for photography or video purposes.